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During his mandate, in 1932 the Agrupació de Basquetball de Catalunya was created, born as a parallel federation to the official one, which in the end was integrated to the federation. In 1933 he also lived through the reconciliation of the Spanish Federation, of which he was vice-president, with the Spanish Confederation, which had been formed a few years [Cal clarification] before by some clubs from Madrid. The same year also saw the celebration of the first unofficial women’s Catalan Championship, won by the Club Femení d’Esports, and the first edition of the Spanish Championship.

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The event was attended by the President of the FCBQ, Ferran Aril, together with the Federation’s board and president of the Commission, Olga Praderas, as well as the Catalan international player Laia Palau and Jordi Aliaga, international referee and technical advisor of the FCBQ.
The Women’s Basketball project, which has the support of the Institut Catalá de la Dona, is a cross-cutting initiative of the Women’s Basketball Commission of the Catalan Basketball Federation with the aim of reaching all the agents involved in the world of basketball, and that starts from a very clear concept: to seek awareness and sensitization of the need for change .
Under the slogan #DemanaCanvi and its new specific corporate brand, this project has a marked structure, which stems from a program consisting of several axes that backbone it, and a series of actions to promote and enhance.
An action plan has been drawn up with the intervention of all the agents involved, essentially: players, coaches, referees, managers, families and clubs, where the commission is the main axis in which all the Federation’s levels participate, generating a current of opinion and respect for women and basketball.

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Remuneration received by members of senior management or senior executives in the Federation, as well as representation expenses (individual or global) originated by them.
Remuneration, indemnities of any kind and conditions received, if applicable, by the members of the Board of Directors and the representative bodies (Assembly and Delegated Commission) of the Federation.
Specific rules and recommendations of the Federation are published to members or athletes on ethical, safety and/or social behavior in the development of sports practices.

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Granollers, La Selva del Camp and Tarragona will be the first venues of the Programa de detecció i perfeccionament (PDP) organized by the Catalan Basketball Federation (FCBQ) throughout the season with the aim of detecting and improving players in the MiniBasket category. Continue reading …
Jordi Riera.  The General Secretary of Sport, Ivan Tubau, and the President of the Union of Catalan Federations, David Moner, have sent a letter to the clubs of their community about the inspections of the Social Security to the sport clubs. Continue reading …

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