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David morillas’ comments on the real zaragoza 2-1 victory

Not even 24 hours have lasted. The zaragocismo, in high spirits after a balsamic victory against Sporting de Gijón at El Molinón, is eager to enjoy their team. Real Zaragoza will not travel again for another two weeks, but the fans have already sold out the tickets for the match against Rayo Majadahonda in the twenty-second round of LaLiga 1|2|3.
The travel plan is simple: at 10.30 am, departure by coach from the capital of the Ebro to be in Madrid at 18.00, the scheduled time for the match. At 8 p.m., after the end of the match, return to Zaragoza.
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Preview rayo majadahonda – real zaragoza i 19/7

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Real zaragoza 2 vs rayo majadahonda 1

Víctor Fernández has already confirmed the starting eleven for the match that will take place this Saturday 19 at 18:00 against Rayo Majadahonda. A match away from the stadium of the blanquillos, but for which the Zaragocista team has been preparing all week.
Moreover, this is the second time that both teams will face each other. The first time in this league was last August, when Real Zaragoza won at La Romareda, winning 2 -1 with two goals from Pombo and Ros. This time Real Zaragoza comes from a defeat at home against Malaga and Rayo Majadahonda from a 1-1 draw against Cordoba.
Great support at the Cerro del Espino by the “Blanquillos” fans for their team. The zaragocistas have sold out the 300 seats available for the Rayo Majadahonda – Real Zaragoza clash and have traveled to the capital to give all their support to Víctor Fernández’s team, despite the last defeat against Málaga. The fans are there at all times and do not lose their enthusiasm for the three points.

Summary of real zaragoza vs cf rayo (2-1)

With Jeisson Martinez, Rayo Majadahonda will visit this Sunday from 13:30 Peruvian time (18:30 hours GTM) to Real Zaragoza for day 1 of LaLiga 123. The Peruvian striker will start in the visiting team, so he hopes not to miss the opportunity and start with the right foot this new season.
The locals want to completely change the story in this part 2018/19, after many ups and downs in the past. Coach Idiakez starts with the illusion of giving a new joy to his fans and what better than at home.
For this duel, the Zaragoza squad has the full squad to face this first date that means being able to reach the play-offs. Also, who will be under the eyes of everyone is the reinforcement Borja Iglesias, reinforcement that has promised to lead his team on the path of victory.
Meanwhile, Rayo Majadahonda, recently promoted to LaLiga 123, wants to start writing its own history, getting rid of the ‘ugly duckling’ title and being able to play on equal terms with any of its rivals. To do so, they will make use of one of their weapons, Enzo Zidane, son of one of the top stars of the French national team, Zinedine Zidane.

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