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Solidarity talent webinar: new ways of working in front of the social sector.

Unemployed professionals with a good training and professional background, who want to exercise their professional activity in the Social Sector and are interested in working in a non-profit organization.
From that date, unemployed professionals or self-employed professionals without activity who wish to participate in the call for applications may apply for any of the positions published on the Botín Foundation website through the online application form. Each candidate can only apply for one of the published positions.
To participate, candidates must fill out the application form in its entirety. In addition to filling in the required data, candidates must attach their Curriculum Vitae and a video-CV of no more than four minutes, in which they briefly describe us:

Solidarity talent

The world is going through a period of unprecedented transformation. Everything is being redefined and reinvented. The 4th Industrial Revolution has brought about decisive changes in the way we communicate, in the way we work and in the new role that organizations must adopt.
Now we do not compete, we collaborate. New management models based on permanent innovation (financing, communication, strategy…) are being imposed over traditional management models, the lines between sectors are blurring…
In addition, digital transformation is a catalyst that accelerates the speed of change and creates an increasingly demanding and challenging environment. Digitalization goes far beyond a mere technological transformation, as it affects, in a transcendental way, the very essence of the model of traditional organizations. The third sector has to adapt and evolve quickly to meet the speed and challenges of this change of era, which creates new opportunities that can substantially help to improve the impact and efficiency of the third sector’s actions.

Solidarity talent program. solidarity projects.

School failure, malnutrition and inequality of opportunities are some of the main implications of this problem. An economy increasingly based on knowledge and talent cannot afford the high rates of early school dropouts among our most vulnerable young people.
The Solidarity Talent Challenge is a program where everyone contributes and everyone receives. It consists of facing great challenges together, providing new impact solutions to achieve a fairer and more egalitarian society. The role played by social organizations as promoters of great social changes is decisive today.
From the Botín Foundation, we would like to thank you for participating in the CHALLENGE and we hope that this initiative will serve to generate innovative and viable solutions to social problems through joint, innovative and sustainable projects.

The solidarity talent challenge, fundación botín

Likewise, those selected will automatically join the ‘Solidarity Talent Network’, a collaborative work network made up of 223 organizations that explores the possibility of generating synergies that facilitate the optimization of the results of their activity.
To achieve this, in this call, as a novelty, they have been able to carry out a self-diagnosis of the different areas of management of their organization to detect the degree of maturity in which they are and to know which aspects or internal areas could be improved.
In this regard, 50% of the participating associations identified the need to implement initiatives related to communication. Thus, the preparation of a strategic communication plan, which defines both the projection of the organization to the outside world and its internal communication model, is one of the main demands of the organizations.
The development of a quality consultancy to organize organizational processes, tools for measuring impact, plans for fundraising or professional services for the implementation of a specialized CRM, complete the list of services demanded by the twelve selected organizations.

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