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La iniciativa tiene como objetivo apoyar las actividades en la Foundry de Telecom Italia para crear un ecosistema digital a través de la experimentación y realización de soluciones innovadoras para el mercado de consumo y empresarial
El acuerdo fue firmado en la sede de Indra en Madrid, por Alfonso Mariconda, Head of Foundry & Project Management de Telecom Italia, por Cristina Ruíz Ortega, Directora General de Indra y Ángel Luis Vizoso, Director de Telecomunicaciones de Indra.
Los proyectos se llevarán a cabo dentro de la Foundry, “el taller” de innovación de Telecom Italia en el que, junto con socios seleccionados, se identifican, experimentan y desarrollan las soluciones más innovadoras en las que se basarán las próximas ofertas de TIM en el ámbito de la vida digital.
En concreto, Telecom Italia se encargará de definir, experimentar, probar y evaluar los servicios sobre las plataformas de Indra, transmitiendo las soluciones desarrolladas junto con los mercados de consumo y empresariales en los que opera. Al mismo tiempo, Indra actuará como proveedor de las soluciones y servicios tecnológicos, aportando su experiencia en el diseño e integración de soluciones inteligentes e Internet de las Cosas; Indra también garantizará la interoperabilidad de sus soluciones con los sistemas y redes de Telecom Italia.


Madrid, Apr 26 (EFE) – Indra’s board of directors today approved the project to spin off the Information Technology (IT) business, which will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, the company informed the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV) today.
This unit encompasses the commercialization activities of proprietary and third-party solutions, including Minsait; the consulting division of Indra Sistemas; the IT services outsourcing business; and the software development centers.

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Indraventures and Indra’s Innovation Committee, made up of representatives from corporate units, managers from all business units and expert technologists, will choose the finalist ideas, to which will be added the idea most voted by the professionals themselves on the platform. From all of them, the jury will choose three winners and those attending the closing ceremony, scheduled for October, will vote for a fourth winner. The four winning ideas will receive a prize of 5,000 euros per initiative.
In addition, all finalist proposals will be transferred to Indra’s markets, which will be responsible for assessing their potential and the possibility of developing them. The effort made by the professionals who are finalists will also receive positive recognition in their annual evaluation.
Indra is a socially responsible company committed to sustainable development, with its solutions and services, with its corporate policies and contributing to stimulate, channel and multiply the positive impact of its professionals, clients and collaborators on the planet and on people. It is a company sensitive to social needs and the interests of its professionals.

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Proof of this are the more than 100 R&D&I projects carried out by Indra in collaboration with different partners during 2019 and the more than 320 collaboration agreements with knowledge institutions active in the fiscal year. “In addition to creating an entire innovative ecosystem and dedicating significant resources to R&D&I, Indra seeks excellence and continuous improvement in this area,” highlights Ausaverri.
Through Indraventures, it has analyzed more than 700 startups and has facilitated agreements with some of them such as Afterbanks, acquired by Minsait, to accelerate in the open banking business; Finect, a fintech in which it has taken a stake; AutoDrive Solutions (ADS), focused on the transportation sector; the Italian Greenrail, to collaborate in the railway sector; or Zero 2 Infinity, specialized in space transportation.
In this context, Indra has also launched with the Xunta de Galicia the accelerator specialized in the aerospace sector BFAero and with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria a call to support innovative ideas linked to its challenges as an intelligent island.

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