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In April 2014, MGI Coutier acquired the Swedish equipment manufacturer Autotube, a specialist in complex steel, stainless steel and aluminum metal tubes for the transfer of liquid and gaseous fluids[11].
Precialp is an automotive supplier specializing in turbocharger components and the world leader in bearings and thrust bearings. In the first half of 2017, the company generated sales of €12.6 million.
AKWEL generates 83.7 percent of its sales directly with automakers[20]. In 2019, “the Group’s top three customers (PSA, Ford and Renault-Nissan) account for 63.9% of the business[18].
The geographical breakdown of 2019 revenues is as follows: France (30%), Europe and Africa (30%), North America (24%), Asia (14%), Asia and the Middle East (14%) and South America (1%)[19].

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Akwel Vigo Spain Sl. is classified within the list of economic activities CNAE 2009 as:2932: Manufacture of other components, parts and accessories for motor vehicles293: Manufacture of components, parts and accessories for motor vehicles29: Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers.

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The automotive sector is in a disruptive phase. New trends in mobility -such as Blabla car or uber-, in environmental sustainability -electric car- and safety -autonomous vehicle- bring with them a series of challenges to determine how the car will be used at the end of this century. Although this decade has already achieved an unwritten standard for opening doors and windows, there are still vehicles such as the early Seat 600, which opened its doors “upside down” or the gull-wing doors of McFly’s unforgettable Delorean.
What happens in this new generation of vehicles will be decided starting this Monday at the MGI Coutier factory in Vigo. This company, in collaboration with CTAG, has launched the Union project, which aims to identify the needs of the industry for the future, innovate in the materials currently used in the doors.
The work team will be made up of 20 people from both research centers, who will try to find an applied innovation solution, that is, to find out what exactly the companies in the sector need in order to offer it to them.

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