Sanitas o adeslas

Sanitas o adeslas

Sanitas spain

In the case of Adeslas, it does not have a basic or “low cost” health insurance, unlike Sanitas, which offers the Sanitas Básico insurance, which includes basic dental coverage, pharmacy coverage and access to digital programs.
A waiting period is defined as the time an insurer’s client has to wait, from the moment he/she starts his/her insurance, to use one of the contracted services. In the case of these insurers, the waiting periods are shown in the following table:
Adeslas – I started by taking out health insurance with Adeslas and, as I was satisfied, I now have several other insurances. In general, the treatment is good, I have never had any complaints, and the customer service is correct.
If what you want is an insurance with dental coverage we recommend Sanitas health insurance. However, the coverages of this type of medical insurance are not comparable to a complete dental insurance.

Sanitas seguro médico

Hola a todos,Mis opciones son bastante limitadas ya que de momento sólo puedo presentar un pasaporte estadounidense para crear una cuenta bancaria y posteriormente solicitar un seguro médico. Me estaba inclinando por Adeslas porque puedo abrir una cuenta y a la vez utilizar sus servicios de seguro (incluso con sólo el pasaporte). Sin embargo, he oído cosas más positivas sobre Sanitas (mejor servicio de atención al cliente, chat online con los médicos, etc.) pero tendría que abrir una cuenta que requiera una cuota de mantenimiento de 140€ al año (a no ser que alguno de vosotros conozca alguna cuenta bancaria española que se pueda abrir sólo con el pasaporte y de forma gratuita).Gracias de antemano.8 comentarioscompartirinformar75% UpvotedEste hilo está archivadoNo se pueden publicar nuevos comentarios ni emitir votosOrdenar por: mejor

Sanitas reviews

We have an endless number of Health Insurance offers around us and they all seem to be the best. Flat rates, large family discounts, free months, all of them to capture our attention.
One of the advantages is the exquisite and personal attention to each patient, giving you the time you need in the consultation. You also have appointments with specialists within a few days. A peace of mind that translates into long-term quality of life.
If we choose the option without hospitalization, we will not have the option of being able to have surgery and be hospitalized for it, or for an illness. We will only have access to a list of available medical specialists.
But there is another option that offers the insured the free choice of doctor and hospital, with reimbursement of between 80 and 90 percent of the expenses incurred. In these cases, most health insurers offer this service worldwide.
They offer two types of contract, both with a full national medical directory, including a dental policy and coverage for childbirth. Both modalities offer a wide range of coverage.

Sanitas multi

ASISA MOMENTOPRIMA MONTHLYPRIMA MONTHLYPRIMA MONTHLY28.64$28.64$28.64COVERAGEHigh payout, 40,000 professionals and 1,000 medical centers, basic dental insurance, psychiatric hospitalization, podiatry, childbirth preparation, rehabilitation and physiotherapy
ASISA ACTIVA PLUSMONTHLY PREMIUM55.04MONTHLY PREMIUM55.04MONTHLY PREMIUM55.04COVERAGEHigh payout, 40,000 professionals and 1,000 medical centers, basic dental insurance, psychiatric hospitalization, podiatry, childbirth preparation, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
If what you need is one of the best health insurances without co-payment, the cheapest option is again the one offered by Asisa (Activa Plus, 55.04).  Sanitas, for its part, markets Más Salud at a price of 75.49 euros per month.
After analyzing the prices and ratings of Asisa, Sanitas and Adeslas, it is time to go into more detail to determine which of these three health insurances is the most recommendable. One of the points to be taken into account when choosing a policy is the medical directory: how many professionals and centers have an agreement with a given insurer in order to be able to provide service to its clients.

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