Tears in the rain

Tears in the rain

Tears in rain

Grace is the teenage daughter of Leo Calvert, a rock legend to whose grave his fans come to pay tribute. One of them is Norman, a young singer-songwriter who tries to write about the life of his idol.
Legends exist to become myths, but they haunt those who have lived them first hand. Leo left a lot of songs that his widow, Rebecca, refuses to publish. Why? The anniversary of the star’s death is approaching and rumors are once again swirling, but the answer to the riddle is held by only one person.
As the unreleased songs wait hidden in a basement, Grace and Norman’s paths will cross and unknowingly precipitate answers about the star’s mysterious death: was it suicide or accident?

Lágrimas en la lluvia lyrics

La ciencia ficción como género literario posibilita un conjunto de extrapolaciones futuristas para reflexionar sobre la realidad y poner de manifiesto, en términos hiperbólicos, las formas de interacción del ser humano contemporáneo con el mundo. En este ensayo se aborda la Noción de alteridad en la tradición de las obras de ciencia ficción y cómo se construye en Lágrimas en la lluvia (2011), de Rosa Montero. Se concluye que esta obra y su texto fuente, Blade Runner, de Ridley Scott (1982), critican un conjunto de perspectivas ideológicas que restringen la alteridad a una amenaza, problematizando la construcción del sujeto y del otro (o los otros) en una realidad social.
Desde el Viaje a la luna de Cyrano de Bergerac, publicado en 1657, con su explicación seudocientífica del proceso, hasta el cyberpunk de William Gibson, en la década de 1980, la narrativa de CF hace posible un conjunto de extrapolaciones que reflexionan sobre distintas realidades y, en términos hiperbólicos, evidencian los modos de interactuar con el mundo del Homo sapiens sapiens (hombre que sabe que sabe), que no deja de ser el Homo faber (el hombre que hace). 1

Tannhäuser gate

I have done things that you people could not even imagine. I have attacked ships with fire in interplanetary colonies. I have seen stars shine in the night with a thousand colors. All those moments will be lost in time, just like crying in the rain. It’s time to die.[2]
Although the initial versions of the monologue were written by David Webb Peoples,[3] the final form in which it appears in the film also had the input of actor Rutger Hauer, who the night before filming removed some lines from the original script and added “will be lost in time, like tears in rain”, as he found the lines in the script too long for that moment.[4] Other alternative versions of the soliloquy were filmed, although this was the one that remained in the finally released montage.[1] The film’s final version of the monologue was shot in the film.
I’ve known adventures, seen places you people will never see, I’ve been Offworld and back… frontiers! I’ve stood on the back deck of a blinker bound for the Plutition Camps with sweat in my eyes watching stars fight on the shoulder of Orion… I’ve felt wind in my hair, riding test boats off the black galaxies and seen an attack fleet burn like a match and disappear. I’ve seen it, felt it…![6]

Tears in the rain program

His tears in the rain touched an entire generation that now, with his death, remembers Rutger Hauer, the most human replicant of “Blade Runner”, a story that took place in 2019 that now says goodbye to the Dutch actor.
It was the monologue with which Roy Batty said goodbye, after saving the replicant hunter, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), in a mythical story of science fiction cinema, directed by Ridley Scott, which marked a turning point in the genre and set the guidelines that would later be copied ad nauseam.
And although he was not the protagonist, Hauer endowed his character with an enormous humanity and a sensitivity that was perfectly understood by the viewers, who shed more than one tear when Roy dies and a dove escapes from his hands.
Hauer shared the lead role with a young Michelle Pfeiffer and an almost adolescent Matthew Broderick in this Richard Donner film that also became a cult title, although far from the level reached by “Blade Runner”.

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