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Its presentation is typical of the pharmacy of a lifetime, of these products that you trust as soon as you see them, of those that smell like nothing or smell like a laboratory, and you already realize that it is a good product.
Its ingredients include hydrolyzed collagen (which offers a rejuvenating effect, increasing nutrition in the skin and reducing wrinkles), centella asiatica (called “the plant of longevity” for its anti-aging effect, which moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin) and aloe vera (cell regenerator, healing, moisturizing and anti-aging among other benefits).
The Xhekpon range includes other products that I am delighted with, such as its eye contour, which I will tell you about soon because my cousin Maite asked me for it after seeing me in a photo with a very smooth eye contour, or some flash effect ampoules with an extra dose of collagen for the skin.

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Xhekpon cream with hydrolyzed collagen, centella asiatica and aloe vera for the care and hydration of your skin, protects and regenerates face, neck and décolleté. (And yes… it’s the famous Preysler’s cream!). Contains one 40ml bottle.
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I’m sure you’ve heard about this cream in all the blogs and youtube channels you know and in those you don’t, too. Legend has it that someone saw Isabel Preysler herself in an airport throwing away the box and keeping the cream (here there are several versions; there is another one that says she was seen buying it in a parapharmacy in an airport, etc …), so believing the legend and also assuming that this cream is the one she uses with her famous and always smooth skin, let’s talk a little about it.
Since the spread of this urban legend, this cream has been a best seller and is still being sold today. Not only that, but it also has more versions such as the one for the eye contour that I have not tried (… yet).
I don’t know if the “urban legend” about this cream is true or not… what I do know is that there are many people who use it non-stop every night and in pharmacies it continues to be sold non-stop; it must be for a reason.
Remember that this website works directly with more than 500 pharmacies and when we place an order what it does is to look for the best purchase option for us “Product + shipping” (we don’t have to do anything; we just place an order on-line normally). In addition, as I mentioned before, they have activated a 24h delivery service at no additional cost to the already established price, so all the better.

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Isabel is Isabel and she may have used a thousand potingues, treatments and cares of all kinds, but none of them are totally responsible for her beauty. Her indisputable beauty, her genetics and her personality are difficult to imitate, even by her own daughters. Cosmetics help but they are not everything, far from it. We know for sure that Isabel has used the creams, serums and cabin treatments of Massumeh, one of the best beauticians in Madrid who has her own line of cosmetics made with beauty secrets from Ancient Persia, such as caviar.
Isabel Preysler’s alleged cream is Xhepkon from Vectem laboratories. A cream with a simple formula composed mainly of hyrolized collagen, aloe vera and centella asiatica with a price of 5 euros.

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