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We are totally convinced that the competent municipal delegation to solve these damages, will make its effort as soon as possible so that we can continue giving flamenco to Cadiz and its artists continue being the protagonists of our stage and having this venue as a reference in their shows.
From the board of directors we inform you that after the assessment by the municipal technicians, we are waiting for the competent delegation of the city of Cadiz to inform us when they will begin repairing the damage we have in our headquarters.

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El genio modernista de Picasso se extendió rápidamente más allá de lo pictórico y se extendió a la música y la danza, dos formas de arte con las que el pintor español siempre mantuvo una estrecha relación, hasta el punto de influir en los amigos compositores que encontró por el camino.
El 16 de noviembre de 2010, la UNESCO reconoció oficialmente el flamenco como arte universal al inscribirlo en la Lista Representativa del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad. Las Naciones Unidas otorgaron al cante jondo una estatura contemporánea, superando sus orígenes históricos y étnicos.

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7 couples stayed in the house for 4 days once we arrived at the house we began to see the poor state of conservation and maintenance that it has and that leaves much to be desired for the price it is priced….
7 we stayed in the house for 4 days once we arrived at the house we began to see the poor state of conservation and maintenance that has and that leaves much to be desired for the price paid….
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Flamenco is an integral part of Spanish culture. Flamenco clubs, commonly referred to as penas, are the main focus of my research investigation.    I focus specifically on the club La Perla, situated in Cadiz. Different from other penas, La Perla seeks to include both tourists and the community. Many penas adopt a philosophy of exclusivity, noted by aficionados, individuals who want to keep flamenco only an art form for Andalusians. This specific pena makes an effort to invite and include any individual who is interested in the art form that is flamenco. The executive board created this place as a cultural center in southern Spain and defy the aficionado concept that flamenco is only for Southern Spaniards.
The executive board of La Perla intends to make a separation between native aficionados and tourists a thing of the past. So much in the fact that they created a page on the Internet that not only has information about the artists and contact methods for artists interested in performing, but also shows upcoming events and all the necessary information. At, one is able to access virtually all of La Perla, capitalize place names, even able to download a mobile application, if one chooses ( Gonzalez). The page is full of images, news and videos that illustrate the great coordination and initiative to execute this type of grief. The page is full of interactive and engaging flamenco images of La Perla, showing how the board members want to make sure that anyone can find information about flamenco.

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