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A route to see the landscape of the plain, towards Nava, Siero and Sariego; listen to the continuous murmur of the river as we approach it; feel the smell of the wet ground, caress the tree trunks and the moss that covers them, and sit down to enjoy a good sandwich inside the forest.
We start from the Fuensanta mineral water bottling plant, where we leave our car, and cross the bridge over the Pra river. Right there begins the path, which has an informative sign of the same.
We take a path to the right. After a few meters we find a fork, where we turn right again, towards Tabléu; if we opt for the left, we go directly to the foces by the Fornos, which will be our way back.
Half a kilometer ahead, is the highest area of the route, from where we have a great view of the fountains of the Pendón river. We begin to descend towards them by the old path of “Les Vueltes”.
After crossing several bridges, one of them the Pendón bridge, at kilometer 6 we walk along a path carved into the rock itself parallel to the river. This is the most beautiful part of the route, as we enter fully into the seals, surrounded by oak and beech forest and centennial beeches.

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The Foces del Río Pendón Route is one of the 13 itineraries that constitute “Los Senderos de la Comarca de la Sidra”, formed by 13 routes distributed by the councils of Bimenes, Cabranes, Colunga, Nava, Sariego and Villaviciosa. These routes are:
All the points visited along this route are collected in this map of “Asturias varied”: see map. To transfer it to you only have to follow these instructions. As an alternative I leave the link to Wikiloc.
We left Gijón by car at 10.40 am. In just half an hour we were already parked next to the Fuensanta mineral water bottling plant (former spa), from where the route starts. There is a first parking lot where about 5 cars enter (our parking lot), and a second much larger parking lot where it specifies: “Attention! Private property. Exclusive parking for Fuensanta water staff”.
We reached a bridge after which again we have to climb stairs carved into the rock. So far the route has no loss and is very easy to do, although it is necessary to have a minimum of fitness.

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Su nombre lo dice todo. Silencio, paz, tranquilidad y naturaleza. Una auténtica joya de la costa asturiana que debemos cuidar entre todos para que nunca deje de tener ese encanto y para que siempre sea un refugio para amantes de la naturaleza.
Durante la primavera de 2017, hicimos un viaje por carretera a través de Italia, desde Nápoles hasta Venecia. Elegimos visitar Nápoles, Pompeya, Capri, Florencia, Pisa, Roma y Venecia. Quieres conocer lo mejor de cada ciudad y saber dónde nos alojamos, cuál fue nuestro itinerario y obtener información y consejos útiles sobre este increíble país? ¡Sigue leyendo!
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Puede sonar extraño, pero acabamos en Azores por casualidad, no fue un viaje planificado. Íbamos a otro sitio, ni siquiera volamos en esa dirección, ni teníamos previsto ir a ese mismo continente… Pero aterrizamos en la isla de Terceira y nos rendimos a su encanto. ¿Quieres saber qué pasó?

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The trail begins in Fuensanta, about 2 kilometers from the Asturian town of Nava. From this locality is the Fuensanta water, which you may have seen on occasion. Next to the bottling plant is the parking lot and the beginning of the route.
We are gradually entering the foothills of the river Pendón approaching its course more and more, we also begin to see more green, more moss and even a waterfall, which in the rainy season must be crossed underneath.
We arrive at Les Meceures, at the level of the river, there is a water tank, the area is shady and slippery but there are some steps, after crossing the river by a wooden bridge, we go up other stairs this time natural, and we reach the Pendón Bridge, which crosses the Bomalu irrigation.
We resume the march passing through Los Xerrapos, Tableu and Vallorita. Almost at the end of the route, in the distance we can see the Palacio de la Ferrería (from the XIV century) and soon we see again the Fuensanta bottling plant where the route closes its circle and ends the route of the Foces del río Pendón.

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