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It is in charge of generating actions and activities of economic promotion between both countries in permanent coordination with the Mexican Embassy. Develops events and seminars together with chambers, associations and business organizations of both countries. It generates spaces and opportunities for young entrepreneurs. It also has a program to promote the culinary richness of Mexico through the Aula Gastronómica de la Casa de México.
In collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico and the Ministry of Culture, it implements a program to promote exhibitions ranging from pre-Hispanic to contemporary expressions in various disciplines. It disseminates the richness of Mexico’s cultural heritage and generates spaces for large-scale exhibitions, as well as for young Mexican artists.
This department works hand in hand with foundations, civil associations, groups and organizations to develop activities related to health, sports, education, science and technology, social welfare, through the signing of agreements and strategic partnerships.

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On May 21, 2020, the rule that made it mandatory to wear the mask whenever the safety distance could not be respected came into force. More than 13 months have passed since then. Today, it is finally time to take a deep breath, see each other’s faces again and enjoy the summer.
All the centers will operate with the system of prior appointment and timetable established for each user. Thus, they must have an entry and exit register for workers and users, and it will be the auxiliary control and information staff who will be responsible for facilitating access to the elderly who have requested an appointment and indicating the room in which the activity in which they are going to participate will be held.
This project, budgeted at 17 million euros, has been one of those which the regional government has presented as a candidate to receive financing from the European funds for recovery, and has also been included in the “Reactivemos Madrid” Plan.

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One of Mexico’s most attractive states, Puebla has three inscriptions on the World Heritage List: the Historic Center, the convents at the foot of Popocatepetl and the Valley of Tehuacan.
Considered one of Mexico’s most attractive states, Puebla has three inscriptions on the World Heritage List: the Historic Center, the convents at the foot of Popocatepetl and the Valley of Tehuacan.
Casa de México now invites us to discover the rest of the treasures hidden in the Mexican Heritage State, to enjoy all the activities and free guided tours they have prepared for us.

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We are very glad that you enjoyed the course. We hope you can enjoy the rest of the activities we have for you: cinema, exhibitions and free guided tours, reading club “Contemporary Women Writers”, and much more.
It is a pleasure to have you visit us. We are also glad that you enjoyed the exhibition “Pedro Friedeberg, Doctorado en Cariátides”. We hope you can also enjoy our summer activities: cinema, children’s activities, workshops for adults, guided tours and more.
Thank you very much for sharing your comment. In the cooking courses we try to explain what each ingredient is and where to find it so that the recipe is easy to make at home. But we are going to reinforce this purpose with our guest chefs. I suggest you write to us at [email protected] and ask us which ingredients you have doubts about. We will advise you.

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