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The arms are more important in the race than it seems. How should we move them to make our running more efficient? The athlete Marta Fernandez de Castro gives us the keys in this video.
The position of the hip is very important when we run. It conditions our stride and the race. Athlete and coach Marta Fernandez de Castro explains it to us in this illustrative video.
Our stride moves us optimally to achieve our goals, so we must work to improve it. The athlete Marta Fernández de Castro explains in this video how we should work on our stride to adapt it to each distance.
The position of the hip is very important when we run. It conditions our stride and the race. The athlete and trainer Marta Fernández de Castro explains it to us in this illustrative video.
Summer is a good time to enjoy our Netflix subscription and to run a little less. But if we watch documentaries or movies about running, does it count as training? Just in case, here is a selection.

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But obviously, “the runners were eager to see each other out of the screen and run in a group -even if they are small-. When we went back out and met there were people who even cried with emotion. It’s great how worry and fear have turned into joy, enjoyment and motivation. Always with caution and respect, of course, but it was noticeable from the first minute and that joy is contagious.”
For example, the other day we participated in several groups in the Global Running Day collaborating with Valencia Ciudad del Running and adding some good kilometers to the cause. People have returned with a lot of enthusiasm and the return to training has been very productive. In fact there are people who used to only run and now they have joined swimming and cycling”. Although there are no competitions, “people want to do sports and stay in shape to gradually return to the same level they had before. They want to compete, of course, but it’s something that has been assumed and, nowadays, they’re doing well.

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Fernandez De Castro Y Compania S En CRazón SocialFernandez De Castro Y Compania S En CTelephone(5)4225070CiudadSANTA MARTADepartamentoMAGDALENAFernandez De Castro Y Compania S En CCultivo de palma para aceite (palma africana) y otros frutos oleaginososCARRERA 2 5 74 SEC RODADEROSANTA MARTA ColombiaMAGDALENACompany Information: Fernandez De Castro Y Compania S En C
The company Fernandez De Castro Y Compania S En C has as its principal place of business the address, CARRERA 2 5 74 SEC RODADERO in the city of SANTA MARTA, MAGDALENA. The telephone number of Fernandez De Castro Y Compania S En C is (5)4225070. This company was incorporated as SOCIEDAD EN COMANDITA SIMPLE and is engaged in the cultivation of palm oil (African palm) and other oleaginous fruits.

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Marta Fernández de Castro Ruiz will replace Senator Sofía Acedo Reyes, who has held this responsibility since 2008 and who, after her entry into the Government of the Autonomous City in 2015 and her subsequent election as senator, took a back seat in NNGG in favor of its secretary general, the now Deputy Minister of Women, Isabel Moreno Mohamed.
During the same, it is also scheduled to be carried out the presentation of two papers, one, ‘Rules of organization of NNGG of Melilla’, by Barbara Espuche, president of the COC, and another, ‘Social and economic’, by Isabel Moreno, Deputy Minister of Women and Youth.

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