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We atléticos are never very confident but we are very hopeful and hopeful. The colors are so legendary and so beautiful that Kun and Forlan do what they know what to do Fullham have no fucking chance.
I needed a push, because for solo creation you have to be very inspired or very disconnected. And I couldn’t stand three, four hours of uninterrupted work. Besides, I decided to add Benja because a fantastic girl had just left him. And, when I’m looking to compose, that turns out to be gold.
I have seven cats, just so I don’t have to take them out for a walk. Their names are Elvis, Judas, Margot, Rojo, Lolo, Demon and Margarito. Dog breeders have mentioned to me that they are the ones who do the dirty work (laughs). I don’t nap either. My habits are to walk around, sit and read, fill up a drink, light a puchito, write, look out the windows. I love rooftops.
They are angry. Of course, they used to tell me about their misadventures in the bars of disreputable bars, and nowadays they don’t see me wandering around. Or, suddenly, I used to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and there would be a couple “whom I might not have known” fucking in the living room, and now the keys belong to an inner circle, not to twenty-five people. But there are still twenty-five people who can come whenever they want, as long as I know them!

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Brutal. Exciting. Tremendous. Atlético de Madrid is a really special club, with a strong emotional component. A component that Joaquín Sabina and Leiva, two of the most important artists of our country have managed to capture in their new song ‘Partido a partido’. Two Atlético fans.
With the presence of Sabina’s lyricist, Pancho Varona; Leiva defines the song as “a gift from Leiva and Sabina to their club, to Atlético de Madrid, to the fans and to everyone who has another way of understanding life”.
The song is a charity song, all the proceeds will be donated to a project of the Atlético de Madrid Foundation. In the song, released on September 25, there are clear references to Atletico Madrid. “Aunque apenas queda un socavón en el Manzanares”, begins the song melancholic.

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Today is once again a day of celebration at the Metropolitano, where Sabina’s grandfather cried, and where, curiously enough, his grandchildren may one day end up crying.    Within the historic call of red and white players that Sabina made in the anthem, there is someone who has been a key player in the way to win has overcome the way to win, Cholo Simeone.
Another verse of the hymn could also be valid as a chronicle of this title, that way of going up and down from the clouds! fits perfectly with the fact that this season Atleti reached the Europa League after a tough elimination in the group stage of the Champions League. That elimination when the cold winter was approaching has been compensated with this title in the fullness of spring.

Sabina and co.

This is the league of Cholo, of hands, of no hands, of VAR and VOR. Of Marcos Llorente’s abs. Of Koke living up to his last name. Of a Lionel Messi who finishes a gray season with 3 goals and another pichichi. Of Luis Suárez, the red and white hero after Barcelona’s gift. La Liga also belongs to Zinedine Zidane, who could not squeeze more juice because there was none. He fought for the title with half of Real Madrid in the infirmary and Miguel Gutiérrez and Marvin Park as starters in key matches.
In that tie in Valdebebas, Real Madrid’s Liga ended. Atlético never stumbled again: three matches, three finals, three victories. Although with honor to Joaquín Sabina and what a way to suffer.
The azulgrana team went 19 games without losing and had the opportunity to take the lead with five games to go. The match, at the Camp Nou and against Granada, invited optimism. But on that Thursday, April 29, Barcelona shot themselves in the foot. And the few remaining hopes disappeared with another incomprehensible draw against Levante.

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