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Movistar+ will broadcast approximately 30 hours live from the WiZink Center between Thursday, February 11 and Sunday, February 14. In addition to the seven games, it will install sets in the pavilion for daily programs during the pregame and between games, which will be complemented by Basket al Día at 2 pm. All of this can be seen on #Vamos and will be available to any fan for only eight euros per month with the Movistar+ Lite platform.
The Copa del Rey Madrid 2021 will be seen in at least 115 countries and territories in four continents. The ACB’s television partners have thrown themselves into the event and will provide extensive coverage in countries such as the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Greece and in broadcasts to the Balkan countries and the Middle East. In addition, the CBA has reached a new agreement with MyCujoo for streaming in Brazil and Central and Southern Africa.

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In Copa SuperManager you will play to be the best in the quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds of the Copa del Rey Madrid 2021. All managers will start from scratch and have the same chances to win the matchday or overall title, whether you are an expert in the game or a newcomer.
There will be a points ranking for each day and also a general ranking. There will be no Brokerbasket because, as always in the Cup edition, the prices of the players will be frozen: they will be the same from the launch of the game until its conclusion.
The best team of each day will win an official Spalding Copa del Rey ball (the black and white one), while the overall winner will get a customized MelonKicks sneaker (model and design of their choice). The second place winner will receive a gaming chair; the third place winner will receive a t-shirt of his favorite Liga Endesa team. For fourth and fifth overall, a Copa del Rey TF-1000 ball.
You can now make your lineups for the Copa del Rey SuperManager. You have 8.5 million budget to compose your lineup of 10 players. The restrictions are the same as in the classic game: you must have a minimum of four training players and a maximum of two non-EU players.

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2) You have a budget of 9 million, so you have room to sign the best players… Although probably not all of them. And be careful, the Broker doesn’t count!  Goodbye to the calculator; the price of the players will be the one existing at the day of the game’s release (with which they finished the first round), it will not fluctuate with Matchdays 19 (February 2-3) and 20 (February 9-10), nor during the Copa del Rey itself.
In each match day, the score obtained by each team will be the result of adding the rating of all its players, with an increase of 20% in the case that their team has won the match.

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The Copa del Rey 2021 will be played between February 11 and 14 in Madrid and will be played by the top eight teams at the end of the first round (Day 19, January 10), once Real Madrid has already mathematically guaranteed its status as host team and its presence among the top eight.
Seeded: As in previous editions, the top four teams at the date scheduled for the end of the first round (January 10) will be seeded in the draw for the quarterfinals. The first-placed team will play its quarter-final match on Thursday, February 11.

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