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José antonio avilés, on the verge of leaving the program

The program has been used to involve producers or characters, who claim not to have seen him in his life, in plots to get clothes, objects or economic benefit for non-existent or false exclusives.
The situation has reached such a point that several collaborators of television programs have suggested that the situation goes beyond the picaresque and borders on the pathological or unhealthy. They are right.
The fact is that they have been inventing bizarre stories in which the protagonist claims to have been in places, events or have different professions, etc.. The most varied. In general, all these invented situations
Jean-Claude Romand, who pretended to be a doctor and researcher at the World Health Organization and ended up murdering his children, wife and parents when the plot was about to be uncovered.
They have a great capacity for deception, a superficial character and high self-esteem. Generally they have had a poor schooling and interpersonal relationships based on lies and doomed, most of the time, to failure. Sometimes

Antonio pavón comes clean, did he hook up with josé antonio avilés?

Either they are uninformed, or they exaggerate the rumors. Kiko Rivera gives a slap with an open hand to Ana María Aldón and the first-time José Antonio Avilés, categorically denying the information offered by both of them last weekend about the imminent sale of the Cantora estate for ten million euros.
Sálvame has returned to the charge against José Antonio Avilés. The Telecinco program has once again put the tertuliano of Viva la vida in the firing line after announcing that she has broken up with her boyfriend. This has stepped during this week on the set of Mediaset’s heart space to vent some of the “fantasies” of his ex-partner.
José Antonio Avilés gave goosebumps to the audience of Viva la vida with the confession he made to Emma García this weekend. The collaborator of the Telecinco program told that he thought about committing suicide during his contest in Supervivientes 2020.
Fed up with the unfounded news that Jose Antonio Aviles pours about him in Viva la vida, Jose Ortega Cano described him live as “cheeky”. In an almost angry tone, the veteran bullfighter lashed out at the talk show host with forcefulness.

José antonio avilés reaparece en instagram y muestra la

Ubicación de la isla de Puerto Rico (verde)Esta es una lista de personas notables de Puerto Rico que incluye a las personas que nacieron en Puerto Rico (Borinquen) y a las personas que tienen ascendencia puertorriqueña total o parcial. El Gobierno de Puerto Rico ha estado emitiendo “Certificados de Ciudadanía Puertorriqueña” a cualquier persona nacida en Puerto Rico o a cualquier persona nacida fuera de Puerto Rico con al menos un padre que haya nacido en Puerto Rico desde 2007[1][2] También se incluyen en la lista algunos residentes continentales de larga duración y otros inmigrantes de otras herencias étnicas que han hecho de Puerto Rico su hogar y se consideran puertorriqueños.
La lista está dividida en categorías y, en algunos casos, subcategorías, que describen mejor el campo por el que el sujeto es más notable. Algunas categorías como “Actores, actrices, comediantes y directores” son relativas ya que un sujeto que es comediante puede ser también actor o director. En algunos casos, un sujeto puede ser notable en más de un campo, como Luis A. Ferré, que es notable como ex gobernador y como industrial. Sin embargo, la costumbre es colocar el nombre del sujeto en la categoría por la que más se destaca.

The mother of josé antonio avilés tells how he was

It was one of the hardest moments of his professional life and he was almost able to cope with it. This is how crude José Antonio Avilés, the collaborator of Viva la vida, recalled this weekend in the program presented by Emma García in Telecinco that he thought about taking his life when he was a contestant in Supervivientes and an endless number of scandals and lies were uncovered.
At one point, Avilés admitted that he tried to “attempt” against his life.    He recalled what that moment in Honduras was like: “I didn’t do it, but it did cross my mind and I had everything prepared to attempt against myself”. And he detailed what went through his mind at that moment.
“I was in Honduras, I had already been expelled from the program and I had a shadow editor who was always with me. In a change of shift of the editor I took advantage of the fact that I was alone in the hotel room to think about throwing myself off a terrace”, admitted Avilés.

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