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What is dribbling in basketball

When we talk about ball handling, we refer to the action carried out by a player when moving the ball around the court through consecutive touches, keeping control of it all the time.
The player must take into account a series of basic aspects in this type of ball handling. It is necessary to use the front part of the sole of the foot, the touch to the ball must be as soft as possible, the sole must be inclined at the moment of hitting the ball and both the ball and the foot must be very close together. In addition, all types of driving must also be worked on in order to achieve greater efficiency in all the actions that occur in the real game.
Some examples of how to carry out training sessions dedicated to ball handling are explained below, although it is also necessary to make routes or circuits in which handling is worked on quickly and in which the players carry out a lot of activity.

Donde ver take the ball pass the ball del momento

The bounce is essential to be able to move with the ball. Moving with the ball implies the possibility of changing direction and speed, as well as being able to stop and change the direction of movement.
The need for mastery of this fundament is imperative. All basketball players and coaches should always take care and train this fundamentals regardless of age and stature. In order for a player to be proficient with the dribble, he must be able to use both hands in such a way that it is not obvious whether he is left or right-handed. Having that level of bounce will make it very difficult for defensive players to defend and will “give” the opposing coach an issue to solve.
However, the bounce is a resource that must be used intelligently. A passed ball will always be faster than a bounced ball. Good team play is based on good ball circulation and the use of the dribble must be as efficient as possible.
The definition at the top of the page explains what the action of bouncing is, but does not go into the process of the action. It is a very complex skill because at the same time that it is carried out, many decisions must be made and also to ensure that they are the most successful for the collective game.


The pass is the technical foundation of basketball that connects the team members, the socializing foundation. At all times we must demand good quality in the execution of passes and that all members give it the importance that this foundation really has. Based on this, we will detail the types of passes in basketball.
The pass is an action between two players of the same team in which one of them (passer) transfers control of the ball to another (receiver). A coordinated action of both players is needed for there to be quality in this gesture since a good reception is necessary for there to be a good pass.
This foundation of construction of the collective game allows us to put the ball anywhere on the field very quickly, and well executed allows us to take advantage of other fundamentals, especially those derived from the game without the ball.
Many offensive actions to be positive require good quality passes, a proof of this is when a player goes out with clarity to take a shot and the pass is bad and does not allow him to take full advantage of the previous action.

Basketball rules

3 Get your body in a shooting position.  Stand at 90 degrees to your target. If you throw with your right hand, turn to the right and vice versa if you throw with your left hand. Turn the foot that will be your axis (opposite your throwing arm) so that it points directly at your target. Keep your eyes on the target.
6 Throw in a semicircular motion.  Quickly move your throwing arm forward in a circular arc. Release the ball halfway around the circle. Your empty hand should be directed toward your non-dominant hip and your palm away from your body. Practice this motion a few times before releasing the ball.

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