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The NGO universe is made up of a very diverse group of organizations engaged in a wide range of activities and located in different parts of the world. Some may be charitable in nature, while others qualify for tax exemption based on recognition of their social purposes, and still others may be sources of political, religious or other interests.
The law is considered to have several characteristics. One of them is bilaterality (an individual other than the affected individual is entitled to demand compliance with a rule), which gives the right the quality of an attributive imperative. It is imperative because it imposes a duty of conduct (such as paying taxes) and attributive because of the aforementioned power to demand compliance with the imperative.
In addition to “NGO”, there are many alternative or overlapping terms in usage, for example: voluntary sector, also known as Social Economy (TSO), Non-Profit Organization (NPO), Voluntary Organization (VO), Civil Society Organization (CSO), Social Movement Organization (SMO), Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO), Non-State Actors, Third Sector, etc. Government related organizations and non-governmental organizations are a heterogeneous group. As a result, a long list of additional acronyms has been developed, including:

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Estas ONG no habían proporcionado la información necesaria para demostrar que cumplían lo establecido en la resolución 1996/31, por lo que el Comité Preparatorio decide no invitarlas a participar en el primer período de sesiones sustantivo del Comité Preparatorio de la Conferencia de Examen de Durban.
Dichas organizaciones, al no haber proporcionado la información requerida que demuestre su cumplimiento de la resolución 1996/31, el Comité Preparatorio decide no invitar a las organizaciones en cuestión a participar en el primer período de sesiones sustantivo del Comité Preparatorio de la Conferencia de Examen de Durban.
Un taller de validación y comprobación con expertos nacionales en la materia, pertenecientes a diversos sectores institucionales, organizaciones no gubernamentales (ONG), empresariales y consultores privados, nos permite ofrecer un primer aporte importante más depurado.
Un taller de validación y confirmación con expertos nacionales en la materia de diferentes sectores institucionales, organizaciones privadas (ONG’s), empresarios y consultores privados, nos permite ofrecer un primer aporte importante más depurado.

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The work of NGOs is indispensable in underdeveloped countries, but also in rich countries. In the first world there is also poverty. In the most economically developed countries there are also people who find it difficult to cover basic needs such as food or decent housing.
There are many types of NGOs. Regardless of their scope of action (local, national or international) and their legal form (association, foundation, cooperative) NGOs focus their activity to achieve positive changes in families, communities or on the planet. Their aim is not to make money for profit, but a better world in which the rights of all people are guaranteed.
NGOs play an essential role in informing and sensitizing society about problems that affect the global world such as poverty, inequality, injustice, humanitarian crises, population displacement and climate change. These challenges require citizen awareness and participation, which is why the work of NGOs as mobilizing agents in today’s society is essential.

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When a disaster strikes the world, it is when people begin to become aware of the needs and lack of access to basic services that thousands of people have. Sometimes you need to see a disaster up close to get an idea of the state in which many families are left.
Hunger, the lack of a decent home and the lack of opportunities to escape from a situation of extreme poverty may seem distant to us here, but these are situations that occur daily in many places around the world. Every day, thousands of people have to make a living to put food in their mouths, to have access to drinking water, to be able to go to school….
Each organization has a different structure and works in a different way: there are NGOs that operate exclusively on a voluntary basis; there are others that rely on the contracting of professionals and specialists to carry out their work in the places where they are going to offer their help. In most cases, however, there is a mixed model, in which each person (professional or volunteer) has a well-defined and equally important role. Understanding this is a very important step in understanding how these organizations work.

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