Repsol diesel e+10

Repsol diesel e+10

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Corrosion protection: If the diesel oil contains traces of water, it can cause rust to form on the metal surfaces of the fuel supply and injection circuit. Repsol AgroDiesel e+10 diesel oil protects metal surfaces against corrosion.
Oxidation stability: Diesel fuel can drag metals in its circulation through the vehicle’s fuel supply system. The incorporation of these metals in the fuel accelerates the oxidation processes, creating a greater amount of solid particles and insoluble products. The exclusive formulation of Repsol AgroDiesel e+10 neutralizes the metals dissolved in the diesel, preventing their oxidation-accelerating action.
Detergency: The use of fuels that are not adequately stabilized can cause the appearance of solid particles and insoluble products that agglomerate and deposit in the fuel feed system and deteriorate its operation. Repsol AgroDiesel e+10 prevents insoluble particles from being deposited in the fuel supply and injection system, maintaining the engine’s first-time performance and preventing filter clogging.

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With the variety of fuels available at gas stations, it is common for doubts to arise. What should I use? 95 or 98 gasoline? Premium or normal diesel? This time we are going to resolve the doubts of drivers who drive a car powered by a diesel or diesel engine. Is it worth filling up with the expensive diesel or should I use the cheap diesel?
The first thing to bear in mind is that both premium and normal diesel meet the quality standards and both comply with the regulations establishing the minimum cetane level they must contain. In the case of normal diesel or diesel e+ it is 51 while in premium diesel or diesel e+10 it increases to 55.

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Repsol Diesel e+10 with a new formulation of additives, which incorporates, to the dispersant/detergent/metal deactivator (SDM) set, a new component with antioxidant effect that contributes to protect and extend the life of the engine, optimize combustion and guarantee a better injection, at the same time that contributes to respect the environment.
Repsol Diesel e+10, with the incorporation of the new antioxidant agent and together with the detergent/dispersant/metal deactivator (SDM), guarantees optimum injection, while helping to respect the environment.
These technology-related activities include research and development of new products and production processes, as well as support aimed at incorporating technological improvements to the Repsol Group’s products. As a result of this effort, the fuels of the future have been developed.

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As we already told you in the previous post about the new fuels with Neotech from Repsol, today we want to explain a little more in depth how these new fuels are, but in their version Diesel e+ and Diesel e+10 from Repsol.
Extends the engine’s first-time performance. Its anti-rust components protect metal surfaces from water and prevent breakdowns due to corrosion. In addition, its demulsifying components facilitate water-oil separation and minimize microbiological contamination.
Its stabilizing power prevents product aging and guarantees its quality. It avoids injector fouling and reduces filter blockages. Prevents breakdowns and minimizes maintenance costs.
The requirements of vehicle manufacturers (WWFC, categories 4 and 5) in anti-rust capacity, foam minimization, stability, injector cleanliness and absence of microbiological contamination.

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