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Carlos Herrera has already appointed the team that will succeed him this summer at Cope, a decision that has caught some people by surprise and has generated some concern in his own team. The news has been communicated this week after being transferred to the management team of the station.
As usual, the communicator has had a free hand to choose his successors this summer, although this time he has not counted on the usual ones from previous seasons, such as Agustín Bravo, who has joined Telemadrid.
Alberto Herrera has been in charge of Yo te lo explico, papá (I’ll explain it to you, Dad) since September, where he addresses different areas of current affairs in a relaxed way. Herrera Jr. also has a program on the Cope group’s music station, Rock FM.
At the end of 2019, there were three clear candidates:  Agustín Bravo, who replaces Herrera in summer; Goyo González, one of the communicators with greater complicity with the Andalusian, and María José Navarro, historical of the program in the first stage of Herrera in Cope, in the nineties. But things have changed after the pandemic.

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As every Friday, El Grupo Risa has put ‘El Espejito’ to Carlos Herrera to analyze the most compromising moments of the week. On this occasion, the trio of comedians formed by David Miner, Fernando Echeverría and Óscar Blanco discover who has been the one who has denounced the former President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy caught “in fraganti” skipping the state of alarm and the confinement derived from it to go out and play sports.
The other Mariano Rajoy is not afraid to say who has been the informer to a media that has followed him until recording him in action, “it is the neighbor who chooses the mayor and it is the mayor who wants the neighbors to be the mayor”. The other Rajoy complains of not being able to please everyone: “If I go out, bad because I do not comply with the rules and if I go out, bad too, because I do not move”.

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