All my friends are dead

All my friends are dead

The plot of ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ is similar to films like ‘Afterparty’ (2013), during a New Year’s Eve party, we follow a series of archetypal characters. We have the big jock, the nerdy pizza delivery guy, a Stifler mom lookalike, an ecstasy user, a teen desperate to marry the love of his life or a young man inside the closet, among others.
The stories of each come together in a grand choral tale in which anxieties, consequences and secrets generate tangled situations to some extent with a tone similar to that of ‘Very Bad Things’ (1998), but much more chaotic and more simplicity than bad slime. For the most part, the characters are driven by their hormones quickly creating a promiscuous scenario, where everything leads to sex between different characters under a supposed layer of rickety humor alternating with some episodes of violence.
However, on the way to the conclusion, ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ is like attending a “swingers” party where everyone dislikes each other and the entanglements don’t really interest us too much, the erotogenic is confused with stupefying misogyny and most attempts to create something cool turn out to be forced and extemporaneous. It would make a good triple bill with ‘Girls with Balls’ (2018) and ‘The Mansion’ (Le manoir, 2017) to prove that either Netflix selects its catalog very poorly, or horror comedy is not Europe’s forte.

All my friends are already dead – our funeral

Suspense is the main ingredient of most of the productions that have lately arrived from Poland to the Netflix catalog, such as the series Forest Inside or the award-winning thriller Hater. But the most recent addition to the platform from that European country, All My Friends Are Dead, presents another register.
And All My Friends Are Dead starts not only with a crime, but with a massacre inside a house and encountered by the experienced detective Kwasniewski (Adam Woronowicz) and a rookie cop, Grzegorz Dabrowski (Michal Meyer).
Among them are the casanova on duty, the nerdy guys who do badly with women and an older woman, a French Mormon missionary who is still a virgin and also Gloria (Monika Krzywkowska), who is dating a young man of the same age as her son, Filip (Mateusz Wieclawek).
From that moment on, more entanglements and fatal mistakes begin to emerge, leaving trails of blood all over the place, while the drugs and sex among the guests increases in intensity.

All my friends are dead – review by mario giacomelli

This Is Also It.- Jan Belcl’s All My Friends Are Dead is the new Netflix original Polish production that promises to be a night as crazy as it is bloody. The film combines horror and black comedy in a feast reserved for fans of the slasher genre.
In just an hour and a half, All My Friends Are Dead is incredibly surprising, providing just enough doses of exaggeration and the doubt of a possible parallel universe. This gory fest is a daring journey that stays true to its delivery. With plenty of absurd references and a bit of realism, we highlight the 3 sentences of the film:
“Mercury’s position has nothing to do with it. Neither does the angle of Betelgeuse with the constellation Aquila, or any other shit in the cosmos”.Replies Filip (Mateusz Wieclawek) to Anastazja (Julia Wieniawa), who thinks that everything that is happening at the party is due to her connection with the Universe.

Pablo chill-e x la kikada – dead friends ft el fecho trotiao

It is a great start where the writer and director, Jan Belcl, a debutant in the world of feature films, marks the tone of black comedy that will prevail throughout the story. However, the police investigation is soon abandoned and these characters will not appear again. It seems to me a mistake, I think that this subplot could have been used more to make the film more dynamic and less monotonous. From then on, as a long flashback, we will see everything that happened during the party, except that we already know in advance what the outcome will be. That takes away emotion and intrigue and conditions the viewing of the whole film.

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