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Install bluetooth no pc

Although we usually relate Bluetooth with the cell phone to connect a smartwatch, a bracelet, a photo printer or any other device … it is also a fundamental technology in our computer and mainly used to connect peripherals. You may have a Bluetooth-enabled computer and not know it but this will allow you to connect a controller to play video games, a wireless mouse or keyboard, etc. We see how to do it, what advantages it has, what are the most frequent problems or what you can do if your computer does not have Bluetooth connection and you need it.
The most common wireless connectivity in a computer is WiFi, for network connection, i.e. to access the Internet without having to use an Ethernet cable. But what about Bluetooth? As we mentioned, laptops typically have a Bluetooth connection from the factory. Desktop computers, however, not too many include the necessary hardware for this type of wireless connection, but why is this a good idea?

How to download bluetooth for pc

I noticed that you have changed the description of the query, and now it is much clearer. Considering that you mention that the Bluetooth icon is nowhere to be found, and assuming that your computer comes with this device, the first thing you can do is to check the Device Manager to see if it appears there.
I have the same bluetooth problem only that the icon does not appear in device manager, several days ago Windows asked me for some updates and suddenly I no longer have bluetooth! When I bought my pc I had it and now I don’t have it anymore,

Activate bluetooth windows 10 does not appear

This type of occurrence is unusual and may be caused by your computer’s Bluetooth drivers. Sometimes, you need to update the drivers before installing a new version and/or update.
Note that the drivers may be visible in the device manager. However, there are also hidden drivers, which are configured by the manufacturer of your device and need to be updated.
older version. The solver will offer you a simple way to install and make your old drivers work in current Windows versions. Please follow the instructions below:
If you continue to experience problems, please check with your computer manufacturer to see if you need additional configuration to get Bluetooth working properly again. You can find the following contact options

Install bluetooth windows 7

We are going to explain how to install a Bluetooth device in Windows 10, pairing it so you can start using it. We are going to give you a generic step-by-step description with the normal steps, but keep in mind that this may depend in part on the device.
Usually, with the few steps we are going to give you is enough, but there may be devices that need you to install some application on the computer to complement the installation or to be able to configure them correctly. We are going to guide you through the pairing process, which is like connecting the device to the computer via Bluetooth.
The first thing you have to do is to activate the pairing mode on the device you want to install on Windows 10. Here, everything depends on each type of device and each manufacturer, but usually there is usually a button that you must press and hold. In case you do not clarify, consult the device manual to see how to activate this mode.
Once inside the Devices section of the settings, in the left column click on the Bluetooth and other devices section (1). When you do so, click on the Add Bluetooth or other device option (2) that appears at the top with the plus symbol.

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