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Segundamano es la marca principal de la empresa de anuncios clasificados Grupo Anuntis-Segundamano. Se trata de una red de clasificados locales online en España y toda Latinoamérica, similar a Craigslist en Estados Unidos. Segundamano tiene unos 40 años de historia, desde sus orígenes como semanario de papel en España hasta sus actuales webs localizadas en España, México, Colombia y Argentina[1].
La noruega Schibsted se convirtió en el principal accionista del Grupo Anuntis-Segundamano en 2006, comprando el 76% de la empresa[5]. Schibsted también es propietaria de otras webs de anuncios clasificados, que se conocen en España y Latinoamérica como InfoJobs,, balç o cars

Our goal is that our customers acquire more sustainable consumption habits in the medium term and for this we understand that they must have the security and confidence of being able to receive a warranty service in the case in which they need it.
Buying a product at Cash Converters means security. Security in the origin of the product and security in the functionality of the product. In all cases, at Cash Converters we verify that the products we buy have a legal origin. For
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The cancellation will be communicated by e-mail to the interested party, giving him/her one (1) week to rectify the content of the account, which will NOT be visible to other users during this period. In case of refusal by the user, the account will be permanently cancelled.
– Inform the user prior to contracting and in a concrete, clear, precise and unequivocal manner, of the specific characteristics of the services requested, such as the price and applicable taxes.
The User undertakes and guarantees to use the website in accordance with the provisions set forth in the general conditions of contracting, the provisions of the applicable regulations, as well as those relating to morality and good customs.
Similarly, the user will refrain from obtaining the contents provided on the website by illicit, fraudulent, theft or plagiarism of the same, in accordance with the provisions of the criminal code and applicable regulations.


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