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She has always been very versatile, and we have seen her on television as well as on the radio, or even in the movies playing a prostitute in ‘Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella’. In the same way she has shown her body to the staff, and more specifically her breasts, both unknowingly, as when she was caught five years ago on a beach in Cadiz without the top part of her bikini, and of her own free will, as she has just demonstrated by joining the fashion of posing topless on social networks.
Seeing her so relaxed it seems that she has already passed the scare of a few months ago, when she confessed in tears to have been harassed by a woman. She did it in Telecinco, the channel that pays her right now, and in which she said that “she made my life impossible. She was my boss but I had to be with her all the time, eat with her, go to her house? She put pressure on me at all levels”. A very different ‘pressure’ to the one she suffered on her nipples when they were stimulated in this way during her time as a presenter in Telemadrid, where she became famous with her infarct necklines.

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“I think my physique has made me go less far than I would have gone, because I’ve always been a bit insulting, blonde, thick lips, breasts…”, acknowledged the Valencian recently in an interview given to Periodista Digital.
The truth is that this break is more than deserved because the girl does not stop working. She collaborates in El programa de Ana Rosa, in Sálvame, in Atrévete of Cadenal Dial and has published her third book. Does she deserve a good vacation or not?
Cristina Tárrega and ex-footballer Mami Quevedo tied the knot on December 26, 1999, in Cádiz, after a few months of relationship. It was a love affair. “My husband is the greatest gift I could have had”, she confessed recently.
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“What happened?”; “There’s a lot of black fabric left over, isn’t there?”; “You went too far with the photoshop from the hand on the hip to the chest”; “But what’s wrong with the photo? Your waist splits at the hip”, are some of the reactions.  Finally, in the face of the barrage, Cristina Tárrega has been forced to delete the snapshot to stop the river of comments. A few hours later, the journalist shared another photograph in which she wrote: “Come on, let’s see this one that my princess Patricia Pardo did to me treacherously”. There is no doubt that Cristina has taken the criticism with a good sense of humor.

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“Two months ago I decided to confine my parents”: Cristina Tárrega has a very close relationship with China #AR7A #EnCasaConAR El programa de Ana Rosa (@elprogramadear) April 7, 2020
In addition to helping her own parents, Cristina Tárrega has been “talking a lot with the elderly, because in her day they found themselves with a country that had to be built anew. Many of them are leaving us, and they can help us to build this country again&rdquor, because for the collaborator “this is a time to build, because many things have been destroyed&rdquor.

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