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Recientemente ha salido al mercado el primer láser de diodo con una longitud de onda de 755 nm para la depilación en movimiento. El objetivo de este estudio fue comprobar su eficacia, seguridad y practicidad bajo diferentes opciones de uso.
Se trata de un estudio prospectivo en un grupo heterogéneo de 56 pacientes a los que se les eliminó el vello de varias zonas del cuerpo mediante tres métodos de tratamiento diferentes. Se programaron cuatro sesiones en todos los casos, con un intervalo de 3 meses entre cada sesión. La eficacia se evaluó mediante el recuento de pelos por cm2 y los efectos adversos en cada sesión se registraron detalladamente en las historias clínicas de los pacientes.
Las tres opciones probadas lograron una reducción significativa del número de pelos (P < 0,0001). La media de las eliminaciones conseguidas con el método convencional (HR), el método en movimiento (SHR) y el método de apilamiento fue del 75,5%, el 70,1% y el 41,9%, respectivamente. El grado de satisfacción de los participantes en una escala de 0 a 10 fue de 7,7, 8,1 y 6,8, respectivamente. Se observó eritema y edema perifolicular, que son respuestas características en la depilación láser. La incidencia de quemaduras fue del 1,33%.

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The most relevant technological innovations that we have incorporated in 2019 are the Renuvion JPlasma (ionized helium) and Vaser Lipo platform. Renuvion is an advanced system to treat tissue flaccidity in the most effective, precise and safe way. IML is the first clinic in Madrid and one of the first in Europe to obtain Renuvion certification. Vaser Lipo is the most advanced procedure to optimize each phase of body contouring.
In Laser Medical Institute we have extensive experience in the treatment with Botulinum Toxin to improve dynamic wrinkles or expression wrinkles, which are those produced by the muscles of facial mimicry.
At IML we apply Laser Assisted Liposuction, a type of advanced liposuction that instead of tractioning the fat, it selectively destroys it. The laser is applied by means of a very fine and flexible optical fiber that conducts two types of energy: one to melt the fat and the other to stimulate the collagen in the skin. The aesthetic result is superior and the procedure is much less traumatic than traditional liposuction.

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I recommend Clínica Dermasana in calle Alcalá 180 or in calle Orense 22b. My experience has been very good too. They have Alexandrite, Diode and Neodymium Yag lasers. Both the information and the treatment were exceptional.
I am a brunette with thick hair and what worked best for me was the soprano A laser. It hurts a lot less than the diode and it has been more effective for me. I’ve had 7 sessions and I barely have hair in specific places, to give you an idea I go every 6 months to review.
I chose Germaine de Capuccini Goya because of the prestige of the brand, here you can read As I had not had good experiences before, I started with a single session, no bonuses from the beginning (I always recommend it) and the truth is that I noticed results in the first session, so I went for the full treatment.
My final advice is to choose a good place and at first try single sessions, wait at home for a couple of months and only if you see that it has really worked for you, repeat. If it is not what you expect, to another site, and so on until you find your laser. Keep in mind that current technology does achieve permanent hair removal.

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