Canal dels micos

Canal dels micos. montserrat

For the fans of the 100 cims, list of peaks of the FEEC, I have to inform you that the Miranda dels Ecos is a 100 cims of 1.223 m that is in the Natural Park of Montserrat and that it is not a suitable accession for anyone, you have to be used to climb how little and to move with certain agility by exposed zones.
Climbing the Canal del Mico is perhaps the most classic accession to the Miranda dels Ecos or the Ecos and most repeated but not easy, you have to overcome vertical projections with the help of the branches of a yew tree or with the walls of the channel itself.
The circular proposed by Montserrat will be as follows: Santa Cecilia – GR 172 (Camí de la Font del Llum) – Canal de la llum – Portell del Migdia – Canal del Migdia – Canal del Migdia – Canal del Mico – Canal del Camell – Miranda dels Ecos – Canal del Camell – Canal del Mico – Canal del Migdia – PR C-78 – Les Pinasses – Ermita de Sant Jeroni – Canal de Sant Jeroni – GR – 172 – Santa Cecilia.
Today’s route is much more demanding than a classic hiking route, both physically and technically, you need to overcome vertical sections with the strength of our arms and the necessary technique, you have to climb rock and use the elements of nature to progress to access the highest point of the tour, the 100 cims, La Miranda dels Ecos.

Montserrat going up the canal dels micos

Back on the trail but with a good time and energy lost we follow the marks until we reach the first section of the Canal dels Micos, the most photographed. Spectacular gap in the rock that we will ascend first doing opposition because of the steepness, and pulling branches and roots the rest.
Overcome the first channel we leave a path that ascends through a forest wedged between the rocks. We quickly gain height until we reach a grimpada equipped with a long rope to help us.
Once over the rope, we jump into the void. We are just touching our objective, wedged between it and the Upper Echo. We climbed the needle through a very exposed and narrow pass, beautiful, in a more demanding environment than usual in Montserrat that we enjoyed thoroughly. We reach the summit at Miranda dels Ecos, at 1223m. The views are a gift, privileged viewpoint to the whole massif.
The time is over and we will not be able to descend by the chain -the other access route- that leads to the Montgrós pass, so we prefer to descend the ascent by the Canal dels Micos. We unclimb the bare rope and the roots and the most exposed channel by rappel. Then it remains to retrace all the ascent to Santa Cecilia.

Canal dels micos

One of the most vertiginous routes of the Serra de Montserrat, is the travessa dels Ecos. Going along the Font del Llum channel and going up to the Ecos through the Canal dels Micos. A continuation of steep canals, with fixed ropes, will take us to the Miranda dels Ecos, a privileged viewpoint! In a corner, it keeps the secret of the descent through the “Echoes chain”, frightening for many, as well as the route of the Esfinx pass, downhill, with delicate passages and great slope, will delight the most adventurous and frighten those who suffer from vertiginousness.
Description: From the parking lot, following the road, there is a wide path that immediately begins, with a steep climb through the middle of the forest and following a series of giragons, leads us to the path that runs along the mountain range from east to west, marked as GR-172. We follow it to the right.
We can get trapped in the rock wall that forms the counterfort of the Lluís Estasen crag. We have to be on the left, at the beginning of the channel, we have to leave it and turn to the left, flanking a stretch of rock. At this point the markers are a bit loose and do not indicate where to turn.

Salt de la nina – canal dels micos. montserrat barcelona

After about half an hour of walking we find the canal de la Font de la Llum. We leave the GR, which continues gliding and we start to climb hard to the right inside the canal. The canal is full of wind, and the steep slope immediately causes the body temperature to rise. The path is very steep, and at some points you have to use your hands. We walk for a long time until we arrive at the Migdia pass, where the wind starts to blow again. We go down just a few meters along the opposite hill, and immediately we see on the right the path that goes to the Canal dels Micos. A graffiti on a tree indicates the exact point.
We do not cease to be amazed by the curious labyrinth of gulls that leads to the sector of Frares Encantats, towards the west, nor the verticality of Sant Jeroni above the Portell del Migdia. Looking back we contemplate the zone of the Ecos, where we come from, of great verticality. It seems impossible that we have descended through the channel that opens between the different gullies. We also observe with curiosity how the wind and the cold have covered the few plants that live in this rocky environment.

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