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The millán astray platform denounces attacks and lies.

His role of the military founder of the Legion and personal friend of Franco is the recipient of the famous speech of Miguel de Unamuno at the University of Salamanca, the famous “venceréis pero no convenceréis”. Fernandez builds his role with enormous strength and has assured that he has even empathized with him while building the character and getting into the story.
In the Best Supporting Actor category, as in the Supporting Actress category, there were two performers competing for the same film. In this case they were Asier Etxeandía and Leonardo Sbaraglia for their work in Dolor y gloria. The fourth choice was Luis Callejo for Intemperie.

Tve turns millán-astray into “the founder of the falange”.

Alejandro Amenábar’s new work: Mientras dure la guerra, narrates this event unknown to many (including the director himself). Karra Elejalde and Eduard Fernández masterfully play the protagonists, Unamuno and Millán Astray respectively.
The challenge they faced was important. They prepared thoroughly for the role. So much so that “we ended up a bit contaminated”, says Karra, who still has some of the character’s gestures. About Unamuno he has discovered many things: “He was a coherent man in his incoherence, he said that he was not divine and that being human he was subject to mistakes and he forgave them”.
In Eduard’s case, although his character could arouse rejection, “as an actor I cannot judge a character. In the end, you end up empathizing a little bit”. He managed to see good things in him: “when he created the legion, one of the things he did was to take prisoners out of jail and incorporate them there. He forgave them everything they had done up to that point, and so they died. It is a redemption that, as God, he gave to others.”

Eduard fernández, best supporting actor at the goya awards 2020

Eduard Fernández (E.F): No way, nothing. Both Greta and I were eager to see how it would affect us as father and daughter. We thought that there might be situations that would touch the heartstrings of one or both of us, but nothing. In fact, at the end we said to ourselves that we should have forced something. I don’t know, a cry, a slap? (laughs). We worked in a very natural way and it came out organically.
Greta Fernández (G.F): I don’t think I ever hated my father’s character because Sara didn’t either. In any case it wasn’t difficult because the scenes in the film were very unpleasant. I lived them as if they were real and the father’s reactions were so terrible that you could say that my role consisted of reacting to his attitude.
Eduard arrives at San Sebastian with two difficult characters: Millán Astray in While the War Lasts and the absent and violent father in this film. Which one did you find it harder to blend in with? While the War Lasts
The actor is like a sponge. To play a character I can never judge him, not even Millán Astray. That’s why I couldn’t play a pedophile. I think it’s good to have a relative significance. As Bigas Luna used to say, there are actors and there are stars. I am an actor who is not too famous, and that allows people to go to the movies and see the character, not the actor.

De alejandro amenábar – mientras dure la guerra

Mientras dure la guerra es una coproducción internacional hispano-británica-argentina de 2019[2], película de drama histórico dirigida por Alejandro Amenábar[3][4] que se estrenó en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Toronto de 2019[1].
Unamuno se encuentra con Salvador en el campo, con quien debate sobre la guerra. Durante el camino de vuelta, Salvador es abordado y detenido por los falangistas, dejando a Unamuno volver solo bajo la lluvia. Entra en un estado de delirio durante varios días, tras lo cual intenta hacer un llamamiento personal a Franco y a su esposa para que liberen a sus compañeros; el intento fracasa, y Unamuno, angustiado, informa a la esposa de Coco. Mientras tanto, Millán-Astray se enfrenta de nuevo a Unamuno y le comunica que al día siguiente ocupará el lugar de Franco en un acto nacionalista en la universidad. En el acto, Unamuno se niega inicialmente a hablar, aunque cambia de opinión tras leer la carta de la mujer de Coco. Pronuncia un discurso en el que critica a los nacionalistas, lo que provoca que el público se vuelque con él y le obligue a abandonar el acto. La película termina con un epílogo en el que se detallan los destinos de varios de los personajes de la película.

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