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i_igod1801 reviewReviewed April 10, 2021 Los mejores burritos de MadridNo sólo la comida era deliciosa, sino que el personal era muy agradable. Los precios también eran geniales y muy recomendable para comidas de bajo presupuesto. Bajo ninguna circunstancia iría a otro sitio. Fecha de la visita: Abril 2021¿Ayuda?
jenniamanda18 opinionesRevisado el 17 de febrero de 2020 a través del móvil Los mejores burritos de MadridDespués de un largo recorrido por el Bernabéu buscábamos un bocado rápido para comer cerca. Por suerte nos topamos con Tierra Burrito bar que definitivamente estuvo a la altura de sus críticas.
Con 23 euros conseguimos 2 burritos de tamaño generoso y 2 cervezas, ¡una ganga! La calidad de la comida era increíble y nos fuimos satisfechos y con el estómago lleno. Definitivamente recomendaría a cualquiera que se pasara por aquí para comer ya que no decepcionó en absoluto.MásFecha de la visita: Febrero 2020¿Ayuda? 1
Heathermp2453 opinionesRevisado el 25 de enero de 2020 ¡Brillante! Excelente servicio y comida increíble, incluso tenían comida apta para veganos para nuestro amigo y las margaritas estaban increíbles! El de la Plaza Isabel ha comenzado a comer en también. Realmente, muy llenador y sabroso > >Fecha de la visita: Enero 2020¿Ayuda?

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Victoria M2 reviewsWritten review 3 weeks ago via mobile device Fast food but very goodHuge burritos and very tasty tacos; you can choose what you want to put on them, if you want spicy or not….
630batmanm3 reviewsWrote a review on February 17, 2020 Customer serviceA brunette girl with brunette hair too, with square glasses, attends us very bad, when we ask for chicken, and she answers us that she is not going to make anymore and that we could only eat what there was , when there was almost no meat left and we were…7 people.

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Give your events a Mexican flavor thanks to Tierra burritos. The best traditional Mexican food in Madrid: burritos, tacos, nachos… and, if you don’t want your company members to eat with their hands, you can offer them a naked burrito, that is, change the tortilla for a plate and eat them with knife and fork. You can choose between hot or cold ingredients. At Tierra Burritos you have the peace of mind that the food will be fresh and of good quality because they do not use anything frozen. They use three meats for the preparation: pork, beef brisket or beef steak, grilled. Thanks to that the burrito tastes like an authentic Mexican burrito and not like any fast food product that you wouldn’t want to celebrate your corporate event with.

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A few days ago I went to dinner at Tierra Burrito Bar on Sagasta Street. More than a restaurant where you go to eat in the traditional sense, it is the right place to have something fast and at the same time healthy. Tierra Burrito could be described as what is known as a fast good restaurant.    I would recommend it for a bite to eat before or after a movie, at noon on work days or when you need to have something consistent to soak in if you are going out for drinks.
I went for dinner a few days ago with a friend and we had a shredded beef burrito between the two of us, which was delicious, and nachos with guacamole, enough: the portions are very large. There is only one dessert, strawberries with white chocolate cream, and you can have it with coffee for an extra euro. To drink I ordered a Japanese Iki beer and my friend tried the strawberry margarita.

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