Journey to the past

Journey to the past

Journey into the past film

| Family Tragedy – Mallett was inspired to explore time travel after the tragic death of his father, pictured here, a television repairman who died when Mallett was 10. (Courtesy of Ronald Mallett)
But obviously, we can’t do it. While an actual trip is limited only by the amount of money we can save, visa requirements and flight cancellations, traveling into the past is limited by the cold, hard laws of physics.
Among them is Ron Mallett, an astrophysicist who has devoted much of his adult life to the idea that time travel is possible. He came up with the equations and scientific principles upon which he says a time machine could be created.Advertising.
Malle describes himself as a “book addict,” and so he found ways to get reading material, finding solace, after his father’s death, among the shelves of the local Salvation Army bookstore.
He continued to study science books throughout his teenage years and, after leaving high school, headed off to college through the GI Bill, which supports U.S. military veterans in their post-service education.

Back to the future

The curvature of space-time allows time travel, but we need very high speeds, masses thousands of times greater than the Sun and even exotic matter to achieve it. At the moment we can only go back to the past for less than a second.
In 1998, the experts in Relativity Theory, J Richar Gott and L-X Li, published in Physical Review an article entitled “Can the Universe Create Itself?”. In their interesting relativistic model, the Universe of the future travels back in time to the past to originate itself. Mathematically it is possible.
As Eva was running away through an open field, a young man approached her. He made a pass at her. She turned him down. She didn’t like men. The young man was not satisfied. Things went awry and the stranger ended up raping her.
Young Eva developed such a phobia against rape and the loss of her daughter that she decided to change her sex. She underwent reconstruction surgery that turned her into a perfect male. In her time medicine had advanced so much that using stem cell therapy she became a fertile male. That was when he changed his name to Adam.


A new mathematical model resolves the paradox that prohibited travel to the past: we would actually move to another universe and not change our history. It would not really be time travel.
Einstein’s theory does not prohibit travel to the past either, since it conceives the possibility that there are paths in space-time that would allow us to reach prehistory and meet our ancestors.
They propose that it would be mathematically possible for a person to travel through any of these supposed parallel timelines to travel in time, thanks to the theoretical possibilities that wormholes would have.
That means that upon returning from his trip to the past, his grandfather would still be alive because his death would correspond to a different line. Something like this was explained by Emmett Lathrop Brown, Doc, in the fictional movie “Back to the Future” (1985).
The supposed disappearance of this paradox that made the trip to the past inconceivable gives rise to another unexpected paradox: this supposed trip would not really be a trip to the past, because it has nothing to do with the history of the traveler.

A trip to the past movie

However, an article published just a few days ago in the scientific journal ‘Classical and Quantum Gravity’ by two researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, proposes a very original mathematical model that describes the possibility of paradox-free time travel being feasible. The approach of this paper is innovative, and, more importantly, it proposes the solution to one of the major problems arising from time travel from a theoretical perspective.
Classical mechanics argues that if you know the state of a physical system at a given instant you can describe its past states, and you can also predict its future states. Much of our technology is based on this principle. A simple way to understand what he proposes is to imagine dropping a tennis ball from the roof of a building. Classical mechanics allows us to calculate very precisely what position the ball will occupy at each instant and what its velocity will be along its fall path to the street floor.

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