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SHA uses a holistic health approach in which it applies the best natural techniques and therapies, as well as focusing on providing the client with a healthy diet aligned with WHO recommendations. Allowing the body to self-recover, strengthening the immune system and overall health.
Sha Wellness clinic, implements a program for the person to quit smoking in a natural and healthy way, recovering the natural functioning of the body. Adapted according to each person’s smoking addiction profile.

Integral wellness clinic

Painless and non-invasive procedure that, through the use of radiofrequency, infrared light and vacuum therapy, manages to reduce fat deposits in specific areas such as thighs, buttocks, waist or abdomen. In addition, it has a cellulite-reducing effect and even reduces the circumference of the thighs (average reduction of 1 to 3 cm).
Treatment whose objective is to rebalance cellular metabolism, which results in more compact tissues and, therefore, recovers the youthful appearance of the skin. It improves microcirculation and reduces inflammation, accumulation of fat cells and acidity. The continued application of sessions helps to maintain the effects achieved after surgery, while preparing the body for future interventions.
Technological radiofrequency treatment that reduces pain and inflammation in specific areas of the body quickly and effectively, allowing to accelerate the healing process after injuries. This therapy is recommended in all stages of an injury: acute, subacute and even chronic.

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Ritual Purificador Saho: Un facial inspirado en un ritual japonés de doble limpieza que consta de dos pasos. En el primer paso, eliminamos todo tipo de impurezas oleosas, como el maquillaje y el sebo. En el segundo paso, eliminamos todas las impurezas acuosas y las células epiteliales muertas. El perfecto ritual de desintoxicación de la piel.
Ritual Saho de Hidratación Profunda: Un elixir calmante de 8 aminoácidos esenciales nutritivos potencia al instante la hidratación de la piel. Los antioxidantes y los carotenoides trabajan en equipo para combatir la sequedad de la piel. Especialmente beneficioso para quienes tienen la piel seca, deshidratada, tirante o frágil.
Ritual Saho Reafirmante: Una alta concentración de antioxidantes e ingredientes reafirmantes como el triple colágeno, la coenzima Q10, los aminoácidos y el extracto de árbol de la seda crean la infusión perfecta para potenciar la piel, suavizar las líneas de expresión y las arrugas y dar a la tez un brillo saludable.
Es el tratamiento facial preferido por las celebridades que necesitan estar impecables. Su fórmula es una combinación exfoliante de aminoácidos, extractos de plantas y cuarzo rosa y se aplica con un masaje energizante que reduce la hiperpigmentación y favorece la renovación celular, la firmeza y la elasticidad de la piel.

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SHA Wellness Clinic has developed a gastronomic concept only seen in very few hotels and spas in the world, with food as the main principle for healing. This place has received more than 30 international awards of different types, both in the area of tourism, as well as Medical Spas and Gastronomic.
This place is truly impressive, every detail has been meticulously taken care of, from the smallest to the most important. There are more than 300 people working at SHA from Specialty Doctors, Dieticians, Therapists, Waiters, Captains, Chefs, Sous Chefs, etc. This means an average of 3.33 people for each of its 90 rooms. A very high percentage of staff that ensures a totally personalized attention. In addition, the staff speaks several languages and come from various countries around the world. This allows guests to feel at home in a very international environment.
The haute cuisine has the principles of Macrobiotic cuisine with which SHA can balance the body by offering an intense detoxification and restoring alkalinity to the body. The medical team is in charge of evaluating and taking care of each guest, deciding all the details of health recovery.

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