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I will present the application which has so far no less than 10 million users on mobile phones. Although it has the ending “de” and thus leads one to think that it would have a German interface, this is not really the case. is an extremely well put together app and if you imagine that the offers come only from Germany, you are wrong. The website is also popular in Romania because it has the possibility to set the interface in our language, but the mobile application must be set, initially it is in German.
I have seen offers even from Romania, but also from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, France, etc. Unfortunately, the mobile version does not have the Romanian interface as we find on the web version, but there is English and so we can easily navigate through the menu.
We then search for the model for which we want to see the offers, possibly also its variants. In the orange box, we notice that in the example we gave we found 610 models available with prices starting from 800 E. The models in the application are over a million and a half, money be. deutschland

The seller seems honest, mentions that the car has a few scratches and puts pictures to prove it. He also specifies that the car has a service card and that the turnover is real. If we rely on this description, we might remember him and call him later to see the car. The problem, however, is the price, 7000 euros. The car is far too cheap to be real.
We were curious to see what similar cars are for sale on other sites in Romania and found only one A4, 2L diesel, sedan, with less than 100.000 km. Price: 15.700 euro at a dealer.
Otherwise, for this type of car I found a few dozen ads, the cheapest starting at 10,400 euros, but with a mileage of 174,000 km. Even this last ad is quite dubious, having a price lower than the correct one by about 2000 euros.
If the car is brought from Germany, it would be normal that its price would be comparable to that of German cars. To check, we go to two of the biggest car ad sites in Germany (autoscout24 / and look for Audi A4 from 2010, diesel engine, sedan and with a mileage between 80.000-100.000 km.

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Preis bis…bis 500 EURbis 1.000 EURbis 1.500 EURbis 2.000 EURbis 2.500 EURbis 3.000 EURbis 3.500 EURbis 4.000 EURbis 4.500 EURbis 5.000 EURbis 6.000 EURbis 7.000 EURbis 8.000 EURbis 9.000 EURbis 10.000 EURbis 11.000 EURbis 12.000 EURbis 13.000 EURbis 14.000 EURbis 15.000 EURbis 17.500 EURbis 20. EURbis 22,500 EURbis 25,000 EURbis 27,500 EURbis 30,000 EURbis 35,000 EURbis 40,000 EURbis 50,000 EURbis 60,000 EURbis 70,000 EURbis 80,000 EURbis 90,000 EURbis 100,000 EURbis 125,000 EURbis 150,000 EURbis 175,000 EURbis 200,000 EURbis 250,000 EURbis 300,000 EURbis 400,000 EURbis 500,000 EUR germania

eBay Germania găzduiește cele mai bune talente din cadrul activităților noastre principale eBay Marketplace și eBay Advertising. Noi modelăm viitorul comerțului, iar eBay Germania joacă un rol important în această misiune.
Campusul nostru tehnologic din Dreilinden are vibrația orașului, cu apropierea de natură. Angajații se bucură de avantajele de a lucra într-o companie de înaltă tehnologie – se conectează la WiFi oriunde, participă la cursuri gratuite de fitness la sala de sport, se bucură de un bar de cafea gratuit, fructe și băuturi proaspete. Pentru a se relaxa, faceți întâlniri pe lac, jucați volei pe plajă sau tenis de masă.

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